ZERO Licensing Fees

There are no fees associated with adding cameras - use as many channels as you want! All channels are pre-licensed and fully-enabled.

Reduce Shrinkage & Reduce Cash Loss

Reduce Liability & Save on Insurance

Strategically placed surveillance equipment can give you peace of mind that your most valuable assets are protected 24/7, 365 days a year..

Employees perform better knowing their actions are monitored. Be sure that your operations are running smoothly at all times and monitor from anywhere.

In addition to reducing your risk from false claims such as slip and falls, video security systems entitle your business to discounts from your insurance provider.

Ensure that only authorized employees and suppliers are able to access sensitive areas of your operations and facility during the day and after hours.

Benefits of a Security System

A video security solution for your business doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to install. In most cases the security solution will pay for itself within months by deterring theft, reducing shrink, preventing liability claims, and increasing employee productivity.

Security Cameras for Better Business

Ensure safety in the workplace while protecting your assets with business security cameras. Choose from standalone cameras to cover especially vulnerable areas of your business like the safe or the cash register, or capture everything that happens with multi-camera systems and covert devices that are easy to install and operate. Weatherproof outdoor security cameras also help you manage your business, cutting down on vandalism and property damage.

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Deter Theft, Intruders & Protect Your Assets

Improve Productivity & Customer Service