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The larger your business, the more vulnerable you are to employee theft, productivity issues, insurance liability, and the resulting impact on your profitability. Our security experts are here to provide a FREE business needs analysis to understand your security concerns, identify other areas of potential vulnerability, and design the perfect video surveillance system to protect your single or multi-site operation.

Whether you manage a single mom-and-pop shop, a small business chain, an office space or a warehouse – you face common security challenges, from employee theft to vandalism.

Our security specialists are here to help you design the perfect video surveillance solution for your business, to address your specific concerns, and deliver your desired results. Our analog and IP solutions are completely customizable, and highly scalable – to protect any size of business.

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Employee theft, shoplifting, merchandise shrinkage and transaction fraud are just a few of the security challenges that every retailer faces on a daily basis. Our video surveillance and access control solutions will help to protect your profits, enhance security and improve customer experience at your store.

Add hidden cameras to secure your most valuable merchandise, or integrate with your point-of-sale system to detect potential fraud at your registers.


Burglary and theft are two of the biggest security challenges for convenience stores. A video surveillance system enables you to monitor your store 24/7, provides a powerful criminal deterrent, and helps to protect your employees and profits.

Our analog, HD analog and IP video surveillance systems are engineered to meet the demands of continuous surveillance and offer remote viewing of live and recorded, from anywhere you have Internet access.

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